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Image of Hardware Set for 4-Cylinder Engine

Hardware Set for 4-Cylinder Engine


This is a full kit with every piece of hardware needed to build the engine.
It includes:
-M2x16mm bolt (10)+1 extra
-M2x50mm bolt (2)
-1mm rod ~25mm (4)
-3mm rod ~18mm (4)
-M2x22mm bolt (4)
-M3x15mm spring (4)
-M2x12mm bolt (11)+1 extra
-M2 nut (14)+1 extra
-6mm bb (4)
-8mmx2mm O-ring (4)
-5x11x4mm bearing (4)
-.25" brass tube (1.25")

The 1mm rod, 3mm rod, springs, and brass will all be cut to the correct size before shipped but may need a small amount of adjustment in case they are cut too long. I don't want to ship anything too short so it will be cut the exact length or slightly long.